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For the safety of our community, staff, and everyone we care for


1. You’ll receive a pre-appointment questionnaire asking about symptoms, travel patterns, and other info related to COVID-19 that will need to be filled out prior to your appointment time. Any patients who report flu-like symptoms or other concerns will be rescheduled at a convenient time at least 14 days later
2. You’ll be required to wear face coverings or masks when in our office. You’ll only be asked to remove it after you enter the treatment room
3. Upon arrival we will check your temperature and give you hand sanitizer
4. You will again be asked some screening questions regarding symptoms. If your temperature is above 100.4 degrees or your answers indicate you may have an elevated risk for COVID we’ll reschedule your appointment for a convenient time at least 14 days later
5. We ask that you don’t bring additional family members or friends that do not have an appointment unless absolutely necessary to help us minimize the number of people in our office
6. We’ll position waiting room seating so that it is easier to remain 6 feet apart, disinfecting seats at routine intervals.

7. Stay calm and wash your hands. We are excited to see you!


  1. All staff will be wearing proper PPE, including face masks, face shields, and clinical gowns.

  2. All non-clinical areas (such as waiting rooms and restrooms) will be disinfected round the clock in addition to thorough after hours cleaning

  3. All clinical areas will be disinfected and cleaned routinely in between every patient.

  4. All surfaces will be regularly disinfected, including countertops, door handles, computers, faucets, light switches, phones… you get the idea.

  5. All surfaces in the operatories will be disinfected in-between patients, according to OSHA and CDC standards. We’ll schedule appointments to allow for thorough infection control.

  6. We’ll use disposable instruments whenever possible. All other instruments will be sterilized according to OSHA and CDC standards.

  7.  We’ve invested in ultraviolet sanitizing HVAC filters as well as HEPA filters throughout the office, making Smiles & Co. air cleaner and better than the air you’ll breathe anywhere else. (Because you’re worth it!)

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